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Phnom Penh, 31-07-2021

Dear all;
As we all know, the COVID pandemic is going on in our society for almost 2 years now. It affects us all deeply, but above all the developing countries around the world. Most people have no income and the cost of living doubles in price because the demand for food exceeds the supply: some people are stocking up in anticipation of the lockdown.

Even though we don’t have much, we really want to help these people by sharing our food with the poorest, the people without income, who can’t find work and because of the lockdown or government restrictions, have no reserves.

Some people collect money for food from family, friends and in their own networks. They distribute it in various ways. So far, Tree for Hope [TFH] & Positive Women of Hope Organization [PWHO] have gathered a number of friends who are committed to providing food to the poor. For Cambodian people, rice is the main part of the meal three times a day. With salt, fish sauce, soy sauce and vegetables that they grow themselves, at least they can stay alive.

With the money collected we can buy good quality rice for them. A small family or a number of family members can live for a month on 50 kg of rice.
The government has supported many people but not everyone has access to this support because of discrimination from a political party [aid is provided only to people who have joined a special political party] and discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS.

During the first step of food distribution, we discovered that the group of people who really need our support is growing. More and more people are losing their jobs and are unable to find work again. Food is hard to come by as shops, restaurants and markets are closed. In addition, some sellers have doubled, sometimes even tripled their prices for profit.

No one knows how long this COVID pandemic will last, perhaps longer than two years, and we also do not know how or whether the poorest will survive this situation. Still, we hope all donations will help some of them long enough, until this pandemic is over and everything is back to ‘normal’.
We thank all who really want to help these people with us. Your donation saves lives. We will report and keep you informed when our food distribution is complete.

Mrs. Heng Chheng Sim

Tree For Hope

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