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Rice is synonymous with food in Cambodian. Breakfast -bai pruk- is morning rice, dinner -ai lngeach- is evening rice and lunch -bai thngai dtrong- literally means rice-day-straight, the rice that helps you through the day. 


Amsterdam/Cambodja, juli 2021

Dear friends and stakeholders of and with our Tree for Hope. Despite the long silence during this intensive and uncertain period that affects us all, we were able to continue the work and support to our colleagues and friends in Cambodia (by video calling) as best we could and at the moment our desperately need help there. In this writing we therefore appeal to your understanding and support.

A request for support has been received from the Self Help Groups – co-founded by Tree for Hope – 200 families in which HIV or AIDS victims live. Many of these families live far below the poverty line as a result of redundancy, the Covid and insufficient means of support.

mrs. Sim Heng Chheng, our Cambodian employee and Dr. Sophea, doctor and board member of Tree for Hope, have raised money in their own circle to provide food for these families affected by hunger. During the first visit, rice, fish sauce, disinfection alcohol and mouth caps were handed out and received with great thanks.

From Tree For Hope here in the Netherlands we would like to support this and appeal to you for this. At the moment there is primarily an urgent need for rice and for that we would like to ask you for a contribution because your contribution saves lives.
To donate
You can donate via our website https://tree-for-hope.com/donate/
Would you rather transfer money directly to us? Then you can do that via

Tree for Hope
IBAN no: NL62 TRIO 01 9849 6036
Triodos Bank
Subject: Tree for Hope/Rice for Cambodia

On behalf of all involved in Tree For Hope, we thank you very much
for your understanding and your help. We will keep you informed of the developments.

Tree For Hope

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