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Housing for Cambodian students

With a Christmas donation you can help us avoid that 10 Cambodian students have to break off their studies due to poverty.

Current situation
Dr. Sophea Long – Cambodian board member of the Tree For Hope Foundation – offers the top floor of his clinic as accommodation for 10 young people who have come from the countryside to Phnom Penh to study. Lack of money for daily expenses, study and accommodation is an obstacle to completing their education. The students have created their own spaces by means of plywood sheets and cardboard. Of course this is not a stable place where these students can successfully complete their studies. The facilities are inadequate, and a healthy living environment should be created.

Our plan
For that reason units will be built with your contribution so that their study situation will be greatly improved and there will be more privacy. Furniture and air conditioners will also be installed. A total of €18,665 is required for this project. The final goal is almost in sight, except for € 1600. We need your help for this!

Only a very small number of young people from the countryside actually manage to complete a study. That is why it is extra important that these 10 students succeed! After their education they will take their knowledge back to the village where they come from to help the local population there. Take for instance a midwife who helps pregnant women with childbirth, or someone who has studied English and teaches primary school children this language.

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Foto: Toem Phearak, “one” student 


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December 10, 2019

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