Mab Sambrathna

Curriculum Vitae

I am Mab Sambrathna , a 5th year general medical student. And I am an EPYC student. Got your scholarship through dr sophea. Here is my resume that you asked me to write To you from my high school to university. In high school I had to go to a school far from home and Required Renting a room to stay due to lack of transportation. My family also lacks, but also thanks to My parents who still let me finish high school. And for my studies also get good results. In high school, I Also used to attend workshops, participate in football competitions and participate in outstanding .Student competitions, and I would also like to thank the teachers for giving me good advice. As for my high school history, I would like to summarize it.

I graduated from high school, I had a great Success, passing the medical exam to study in Phnom Penh, which was very far from my hometown, but The biggest problem was the lack of school fees. And I asked for help from Dr sophea, whom I knew Through my cousin who worked for him, and dr sophea agreed to help me with some accommodation And some school fees, it was a huge help for me and the team. Family. For my study, study in the Morning from 8_11h and in the afternoon from 1_5h. In addition to studying at Seila, I have internships At hospitals designated by the school and sometimes go on my own to gain experience from senior Medical students. Sin Chea and sometimes attend workshops as well, it is really fun to gain experience And to have good relationships with those around you as well. And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. I wish you a happy family life and may Continue to help you in the future. I hope you enjoy reading It, happy new year.