Kun Ny

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae
My name is Kun Ny , I am 21 year old and I live in Speu Keut village, Speu (A) commune Ba Phnom district, Prey Veng Province, Cambodia. I have three siblings, two sisters and a brother, I am a boy who graduated from highschool in 2021 and passed the exam and got a C, making me and my family proud of me. After being proud , I felt unhappy because I wanted to go to college in the city, but it was agintst my wishes because my family could not affort to continue my studies.

After discussing with my family that I would come to Phnom Pent to find a job and prepare for the regime to come to work, but fortunately, I had high hopes to return to college, I received information from teacher Chea Sarim, provided information about EPYC, also helped poor students who could not afford to continue their studies in college to have a degree to continue their studies.

At that time, I did not delay from Tuesday to teacher Sophea. A few days later, I also receive a message a that made me very happy because Teacher Sarum called to inform me that he had received the consent of the organization to help with the study for me at University. After going to university, my life will be more educated, I will know more, I will know more society, I will have many new good friends and new experiences. After studying at the university for a year, my life started to be differen from before, no matter how much my attitude started to change, I was was more responsible than before. In addition to studying at the university , I also have time to study at other schools, offering scholarships. As time went on, the third year passed and my studies progressed, giving me confidence in my abilities and I decided to apply for a job shortly after is very satisfying for me.

Finally, I would like to thank EPYC for helping me to have a brighter life, to have the opportunity to study and gain knowledge in the field that I have loved since I was a child. I’m really thank you, without you I would not have been able to stand.

Thank you!