Message from Pov

I am Pov, who is a student staying at Praseth Pheap Clinic in Cambodia. With your support and training by teacher Sophea I can continue my study at university. Now I’m a 4th year student studying at Norton University and my major is Computer Science and I got an internship in a company as a front-end developer which related to my major of study.

In two weeks ago, I met Hans. He came to visit at Clinic and talked with us. For the meeting Hans told us to take some videos or pictures about our activity to send you with your email. Now I would like to send you with our short video and some pictures. Please find the attached files as below.

I would like to say thank you for your support that helps me and other students to study and receive a good future. I hope we can meet again when you come in cambodia.

Best Regards,
Rin Pov



We zijn altijd geïnteresseerd in suggesties en ideeën. Ook zoeken wij mensen die belangstelling hebben , ons totaal onbezoldigd te helpen in onze projecten. Neem contact met ons op of stuur ons een bericht.