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We can, for example

  • For 1 euro you buy children in schools pens and notebooks
  • For 10 euros we provide a family with water and food.
  • For 25 Euros we provide a family with hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush mosquito net etc.)
  • For 50 Euros we can provide emergency medical care for extremely poor families.
  • For 120 euros we can build a sanitary facility at a school.
  • For 250 euros you can make a family financially independent.
  • For 280 euros we can provide a scholarship for one student for a whole year.
  • But also every other donation helps us and is used by us carefully.

The fastest and easiest way to donate is using Paypal. Here you have almost all payment possibilities including transfer and credit card available. You will receive a donation receipt directly after the transaction (Paypal page in English).

Account connection

You can also transfer the money directly to us. You can enter the desired goal / project of your donation in the subject of the transfer.


t.n.v. Tree for Hope
IBAN Nr: NL62 TRIO 01 9849 6036
Triodos Bank
t.n.v. Tree for Hope

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