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Newsletter of December 1 2018

Another month behind us. A very intensive month in which together (board members Mrs. Sim, Dr. Sophea and Dr. Vin Samnang / Charlie)  we have determined our plans for this period and discussed the policy plan. This will be presented on our website too.

It is very interesting to read and to get the information we are working on now and in the coming years.

An anchor and guide with which we are very happy here in Cambodia. The beauty of it all; we have  prepared this in such a way that we are able to realize the plans already. A quiet growth in which our motto: ‘Watch, Listen and Participate’ works excellently. On many fronts, our Cambodian partners take matters into their own hands and like to get started themselves to get rid of the yoke of the NGOs as one of our board members rightly pointed out.

Mrs. Sim and Mr. Bunsarith (EHEO) who work together fine!

For years Cambodia has received so much support from many quarters that it became normal for the local organizations to be the executors of Western rules they had to comply with. This has created a narrowed vision so that these people can no longer experience the reality of politics and daily events objectively.

What a great moment for Tree for Hope. After all, we want to transfer the responsibilities to our Cambodian colleagues in the coming years! A year and a half ago we have already started the Phase Out project for the Self Help Groups. These 10 groups, originally consisting of 20 families with HIV / AIDS, have been trained to function independently and on their own. We are in the phase out phase in which the monitoring is still indispensable in the coming year 2019. Please note that there is still a lot of illiteracy in these groups and that this is why the project, the training in conducting administration, finances and skills in contacts with local authorities have been slowed down.

There are many new developments, partly because the pressure before the elections has dropped (a little). In the meantime, people have regained courage to find their way in a country where the differences are enormous.

We are very glad that you are making this possible and that we can continue our pioneering work in still deprived areas.

Thank you very much and greetings from Phnom Penh                                                                              Hans Bosch


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