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March 2017

After Hans worked rapidly from November 2016 to obtain an overview of the ongoing projects and issues  Wim and I continued  working with him during March on these projects and its implementation and innovation

A highlight of this period was the „birth“ of a new website.

Thomas Nocker, web designer,  and his wife Renata have redesigned and implemented our website without any cost: www.tree-for-hope.com.

I  am sure that Hans will go in to detail on this in his rapport

This year saw the initiation of the privatization process of the 10 existing ‚Self Help Groups‘

It means that the groups who will still rely on guidance and support from ‚Positive Women of Hope Organization‘ PWHO, will be transformed into a Community Based Organization (CBO), an autonomous cooperative.

After an extensive survey by the staff of PWHO,  which was renewed in 2016, they found that the discipline in attendance at the monthly group meeting  and the monthly repayments of the loan slackened

We started a phase-out project with 4 reasonable well-functioning  groups, with a completion date by the end of 2017

Meanwhile, the women of PWHO are working full speed ahead to revive the motivation of the other groups. The authority of the ‘chief of the village ‘ was invoked for further support  and he has also signed the agreement when the Self Help Groups were established. The phase-out project for these groups will start in 2018.

It was initially sad to find out that the functioning of the Self Help Groups in the previous period had failed , however  I am very pleased to tell that it is very motivating for me that the new staff of PWHO has produced an action plan which has given them lots of energy to proceed in the right direction.

Another project I have myself committed to during September and October last year was “United by Sport”. Together with  Ad Weterings (sports instructor) we organized  bike-triathlons at  three different gyms Amsterdam. The proceeds are spent this year on the construction of a first (still provisional ) football field and the purchase of a part of the necessary soccer boots  and shirts as well as the organization of the first soccer tournament.

It was a great experience to be able to witness the first football tournament on the 6th March   between the students of the three schools we built in the Basak district

It is very obvious that this initiative will benefit the cohesion in deprived areas. (Insert reference to the YouTube)

All things considered , I look back on a highly eventful period were much work was done together with Hans and Wim. Together we are a team.

I already look forward again to be part of this team  next year.

Finally I would like to thank  everyone very much who have contributed and therefore made it possible that we have been able to continue our projects.

Thank you.  – Arkun shraan.

André van Achterberg

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