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Situation 2021

Situation 2021

Phnom Penh, 31-07-2021 Dear all; As we all know, the COVID pandemic is going on in our society for almost 2 years now. It affects us all deeply, but above all the developing countries around the world. Most people have no income and the cost of living doubles in price...
Rise for cambodia

Rise for cambodia

Rice is synonymous with food in Cambodian. Breakfast -bai pruk- is morning rice, dinner -ai lngeach- is evening rice and lunch -bai thngai dtrong- literally means rice-day-straight, the rice that helps you through the day.    Amsterdam/Cambodja, juli 2021 Dear...

December 2018

Newsletter of December 1 2018 Another month behind us. A very intensive month in which together (board members Mrs. Sim, Dr. Sophea and Dr. Vin Samnang / Charlie)  we have determined our plans for this period and discussed the policy plan. This will be presented on...

Together on the road

Together on the road Tree for Hope wishes you good Christmas and a Healthy, Happy, 2018 Samen op weg Tree for Hope wenst je goede Kerstdagen en een Gezond, gelukkig, 2018 Zusammen auf der Straße Tree for Hope wünscht Ihnen gute Weihnachten und ein gesundes,...

News November 2018

Nieuwsbrief                                                                                                  november 2017 A FEELING OF COME HOME I have been back in Cambodia for a few weeks now. “The Kingdom of Wonder” as it is also called. The first thing that came...

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