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Wim Bogerd

After a long period ( till 2013) as Financial Controller of an important  cultural institution in Amsterdam  it is now possible for me to do something else and to give my energy to organisations who try to help people and humanity. I help a good friend who’s base is in Amsterdam also but who works hard for the poorest of the poorest in Cambodja. I do it with pleasure and I went to Cambodja now 4 times and I am planning visits for the next years. I am always impressed by the Cambodjians: forgiving, resilient and merry. And they have a difficult history with the Khmer Rouge. But they are in the same time poor and enterprising.  Some people have it even more difficult than the others : for example people with HIV infection and people in old Khmer Rouge districts.

And: Proud on my wife and on my to almost adult children


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