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Thijs Meijer

My name is Thijs Meijer and I got involved in this organisation in 2015. By that time I was 17 years old and urgently looking for an internship that allowed me to do something with my English for my bilingual high school. Via Hans I came into contact with a partner organisation of Tree For Hope; the schools of the SCAO. I was very welcome there and taught very various ages and levels for about four weeks. Besides that I also provided the students of Dr. Sophea and the PWHO with conversation courses.

In 2017, after I finished my high school, I took a gap-year to visit Cambodia again. This time however for a longer period of time, three months to be precise. Aside from teaching my classes and the students of Dr. Sophea, I also worked on the TOMS One for One shoe giving project and I measured hundreds of shoe sizes during my time in Cambodia. At home in the Netherlands I also try to make my contribution. For example by translating things to English. Above all however I just really enjoy staying involved with this great organisation!

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