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André van Achterberg

For 32 years I have lived with HIV, an infection that at the beginning has turned my life upside down. I am happy that I could survive 25 years without medication.

After I started taking HIV inhibitors eight years ago, I look forward to a considerable number of years to live in reasonable health, the more so to be able to help sufferers living in a country where care and services are so much worse.

Also for 32 years I have had a very fulfilling relationship, which led to a marriage in 2001, when the Civil Code was liberalized.

During my professional life, I was a social psychiatric nurse, and the last ten years before my retirement I worked  as a volunteer at the NVVE (National Association for Voluntary Euthanasia).

During this time, I met Hans Bosch seven years ago. He told me about the activities he had recently started in Cambodia, for the benefit of the poorest of the poor in this country affected by war and genocide. I became very enthusiastic and decided to go with him to Cambodia the next time, which was seven years ago.

In Cambodia among other things I came into contact with the Positive Women of the Hope Organization (PWHO) and especially with their project “Self-help group for HIV-positive women and their families”.

You can find more information about the projects on this website.

My contribution to the goals of ‘Lege Handen voor Cambodja’ consists among other things of the annual collection of enough money to found a new self-help group and, in the first place, the maintenance of the existing self-help groups. Apart from this, I travel to Cambodia one or two times a year for a period of one month to devote myself actively to the above mentioned project and to the other projects of Tree for Hope/Lege Handen voor Cambodja


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