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Empty Hands for Cambodia Foundation / Tree for Hope
Known to the general public as Tree for Hope

number 8231.32.365

Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Number 51172607


Providing assistance to the poorest people in Cambodia, especially those living below the poverty line. The aid is aimed at ensuring that these people can meet their own needs.

Main features of the Multiannual Policy Plan
In 2018, Tree for Hope foundation presented a multi-year strategic policy plan for the period 2019 to 2021 (click here). The keyword for the three-year policy period is Education.

The concept of Education has two levels:

  1. Increasing knowledge, i.e. knowledge transfer;
  2. Promoting social skills; there are three social skills that are central in this: creative thinking, being pro-active, and participation:
  • Study stimulates the acquisition of insight into social connections and thus increases the personal creativity to solve problems;
  • The people of Cambodia are still affected daily by the effects of the Khmer Rouge regime, although this political party was already dissolved in December 1999. For example, independently taking initiative is not self-evident and mutual distrust is still an important topic in social interaction;
  • Working together (participating) creates a common basis, consensus and commitment that allows problems to be solved faster and more effectively.

The three elements, i.e. creative thinking, initiative and participation, are strongly linked.

Ambition level of the Tree for Hope foundation

  • At the end of the policy period (2021), all eight self-help groups will have become independent;
  • When a self-help group has become independent, the focus will be on medical supervision and quality improvement of the existing activities;
  • In the period from 2019 to 2021, there will be an increase of 10% in the number of young people who will follow and successfully complete vocational training;
  • In 2019, activities in Battambang Province, i.e. the School Buildings project and the United by Sport project, will be transferred to three local organizations;
  • In the policy period 2019 to 2021, schools will be built in Kampong Thom province. The number of schools will depend on the financial resources that can be generated for this;
  • At the end of the policy period (2021), the Dutch board will be expanded with 2 new board members from the age category 35 to 45 years to halt the ageing of the board and to ensure the continuity of the organization;
  • The Dutch board has committed itself to look for new board members mainly among people with a non-Western background, young people and women.
  • At the end of the policy period (2021), the number of active volunteers in Cambodia, excluding Cambodian board members, will have increased by 20%;
  • The Dutch board is investing more time and energy in fundraising. Organizing events in the Netherlands are an integral part of this.

Board composition & functions

On December 31, 2020, the following persons were members of the board:

Mr. H. Bosch                                                   Chairman – Director – Project manager

Mr. W. Bogerd                                                 Secretary – Treasurer – Project leader

Mr. V. Samnang                                              Board Member (physician) – Project leader

Mr. S. Long                                                     Board member (physician) – Project leader

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