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Drinking water and water filters

Initial situation

Especially in the remote areas it is urgently necessary to organize clean drinking water and sanitary facilities. Some regions are still without water supply. The local people can only survive when they get water from the nearest lake and process it. The quality of the water, however, is very poor and does not meet the conditions for good drinking water.

Children who sometimes have to walk to school in over 40 degrees for up to one hour, can not take as much water as they need. A water supply and hygienic facilities are therefore an absolute focus for our work from 2015 onwards.

The goal is to provide a better hygienic standard (including washing hands) and to provide the children with sufficient drinking water of a good quality. For this goal we also started courses for the children, and we organize informative days.

our current work

We have already begun producing drinking water for more than 800 children and have already partially completed the classes at the small school in Pong Toek and neighboring schools. Our attempts to build a well did not work out unfortunately, because of the bad underground water situation. The alternative was to build water reservoirs in which rainwater is collected during the rainy season. Here we bought and installed appropriate systems for the schools.

Apart from this, we donate water filters to be placed in the classroom. Water is also collected for the toilets. However, these are often not used or rarely used by the children, due to water scarcity. Therefore the 800 children usually do their “business” in the nearby fields and nature. Here we are looking for suitable solutions.

We are currently working on an education program both on hygiene and health. Part of this course will be about the way to keep the environment clean. All kinds of waste, but plastic in the first place, are a big problem here in Cambodia. The school has already received a few rubber trash cans as a donation.

We also visited the HIV self-help groups with the PWHO and made an inventory to find out which families are in need of drinking water, water filters or sanitation. Clean drinking water and sanitation in particular are very important to these vulnerable groups of people.

Here we have equipped some families with water filters and partly supported them with water supplies. Other families are still waiting for urgent support and help.

Current help and problems

We are currently facing the following problems and are looking for solutions together


  • Collected water is not sufficient (donations needed for new water solution)
  • Well impossible due to ground water supply (holes were already made)
  • Water from the lake or the channel doesn’t have drinking water quality
  • Some children have a 1 hour walk to school and need drinking water
  • Previous water filters not ideal due to maintenance and vulnerability (we are looking for alternatives)

Involved employees

Hans Bosch

Hans Bosch

Founder and Board Member

Wim Bogerd

Wim Bogerd

Finance and Board Member

André van Achterberg

André van Achterberg

former board member

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