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In accordance with the conditions for an ANBI status Foundation Lege Handen voor Cambodja publishes the following data:
Name organization: Stichting Lege Handen voor Cambodja/Tree for Hope
RSIN number: 8231.32.365
Chamber of Commerce: 51172607
Postal address: Buyskade 122, 1051 MD Amsterdam
Visiting address: idem
Telephone number: 06-14281287 (W. Bogerd, Treasurer)
Email address: hansbosch99@gmail.com
Website: www.legehandenvoorcambodja.nl
Goal: To provide social, medical and financial support for the benefit of the poorest people in Cambodia, especially for people with medical problems who do not receive any support what so ever.

The foundation tries to reach this goal by:
A raising funds
B looking for local partners with the expertise to spend these funds wisely
C stimulating of educational, social and cultural activities related to the goal of the foundation
D Performing everything connected with the above mentioned which might be beneficial to these goals.
The foundation explicitly doesn’t aim to make a profit.

Information concerning policy plan
In accordance with our goals we give help where we can, the last couple of years mainly in the domain of hygiene and water.
Our principle is that we do not donate but make plans and execute these plans together with the local people.
We build huts and schools in Battambang province, with the help of the PFDA (Poor Family Development Association), a local organization approved on district level, an organisation that we help with administrative and organisational tasks, and that runs ever more smoothly.

In the neighbourhood of Phnom Penh we assist the PWHO (Positive Women of Hope Organisation) in making the Self Help Groups more independent.

Plans for the future:

Continue to do this based on a regular presence in Cambodia in order to stay in contact with the people and help them maintain the acquired skills etc.

As of November 18, 2015 the board is composed of:
Mr. J.H. Bosch Chairman/secretary
Mr. W. Bogerd Treasurer
Mr. A.J.M van Achterberg Member of the board
Mr. H.H.H. Feller Member of the board
Mr. V. Samnang Member of the board
Mr. S. Long Member of the board
Mrs. C. Sim Heng Member of the board (potential)

Remuneration policy:
Members of the board can receive a reimbursement of expenses. Members of the board do not receive an attendance remuneration.
The policy regarding remuneration in Cambodia is not based on fixed agreements or salary scales, but the payments will always be lower than in comparable organizations. In the Netherlands nobody will be paid.

Report activities: see annual statement

Board report 2015

For extensive information about our activities I’d like to refer to our website. The board would like to give some
explanation about the four themes of our aid to Cambodia.
This aid is given to the organizations based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in which agreements and the amount of
money for aid are laid down.

From 2013 onward we cover the costs of and give help in the transformation of the self help groups. Since then we cooperate
intensively with the ladies of the PWHO: we help them with drawing up estimates, see to it that they receive English
lessons, help them apply for subsidies.
PWHO is an official organization in Cambodia. This has its advantages and its disadvantages, but for a Dutch organization
such as Wilde Ganzen this status is almost indispensable. PWHO, by the way, stands for Positive Women of Hope Organization.
All families in these self help groups have one or more HIV positive family members.

PFDA (Poor Family Development Association)
This is a new partner, initiated by our selves, in Battambang province. In this province we have already built three
schools, we know our way around over there, are well known and have a good reputation.
Unfortunately for some years we worked with the wrong, unreliable partner.
In 2014-2015 we dotted the i’s in Pong Toek (water, toilet and drinking water, etc.),
and we started with the renovation in Chakrey. Apart from that PFDA is the driving force behind the project United by
Sport, meant to improve the cohesion within this province, where many parents are working abroad continuously.

Sophea’s Child Care:
In the clinic of doctor (an board member) Sophea Long 11 young people were staying. They, plus two external pupils from the
lowest classes of the Cambodian society, receive an education. In this way they themselves, their parents and their
extended family get a chance to escape from poverty. Courses vary from security to accountancy.
They do paid work in the clinic. Unfortunately the costs for their board are increasingly difficult for the clinic to bear.

In a tropical country such as Cambodia water is vitally important. Not just drinking water, but
also things like good toilets and water filters are crucial.
This year we had our first experiences with buying water filters outside Cambodia.
To get these into Cambodia, you need a lot of energy, patience and money.

In general:
The poorest of the poor in Cambodia need us, among others, in order to obtain a dignified existence.
On the other hand we need the Cambodians and take care not to let it be purely a donation, but a push in the right
direction that has to be completed by the people themselves.
In Battambang and in Pnomh Penh and its surroundings, we also help the poorest people via the self help groups:
at times by donating a hut or the material for a hut, but more often by helping to dig a well.

In conclusion:
We cannot stress enough that our organization passes all gifts to the poorest of the poor.
The working board pays for their own travels and accommodation to, from and in Cambodia.
Only local travel to and from meetings with our partners are paid for.
We always take the bus. From Phnom Penh to Pong Toek, for instance, takes eight hours by bus.

On behalf of the board:
Wim Bogerd

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